Education and Training


1996-2000: “Arhi” School of Drama (Athens, Greece) acting degree
1988-1992: National University of Athens, Department of Physics

2016-2017:  Puppetry : Design, Construction and Operation of different kind of Puppets  (Marionette, Hand Puppet, Finger Puppet, Shadow Puppet e.t.c) with Ayusaya Puppet Theater (Stathis Markopoulos), Athens, Greece.
1998 till now: Theater Tribuana, “To awake and to cultivate the expression of the 3 worlds: thought, energies of life, body” (Martial Arts, Ethnic Songs, work with Mask, work on “totem”, breathing exercises, work with Stick called “Tongat”, work with Percussions inspired by the Kodo (Japanese drum), story telling, etc) with Balinese actor Tapa Sudana (, Greece
2008 till now:  “Gurdjieffs Dances” with Liv Gaupp Berghausen, Vienna
2008: “Gregorian Chants” with Johann Pinter,Vienna
2007: Initiation to Butoh Dance with Butoh Dancer Dani Mayu, Vienna
2003: “Ancient Greek Tragedy – Sophocles” three-month workshop with the Greek actor Aris Retsos, Athens
2003: “Memory of the Body”, expressive dance workshop with the dancer-actress Angela Lyra, Athens
2001: “Listening with the body” with Joe Tornabene (musician, saxophonist, student of John Cage), Athens
2000: “Acting Realizations” (a contemporary approach to Stanislavsky) with Russian director Yevgeny Lanscoy (teacher at Actors Studio – Stella Adler), Athens
1996: “Acting” three-month workshop with Yevgeny Lanscoy, Athens
1995: “Work on the pre-expressiveness of the performer” with the actor Konstantinos Themelis (Theater Stalker), Athens
1995-96: “Improvisation”, one-year laboratory with the director Helen Scotis, Athens
1990-95: “Laboratory of acting” (acting, singing, dancing, scenography and history of theatre) under the direction of Sotiris Tsongas, Theater Laboratory of Municipalty of Zographou, Athens
2000 till now: Different styles of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, practiced with Masters in Greece and Austria
2005 till now: Karatedo Doshinkan with hanshi (10 dan) Nobuo Ichikawa (Vienna) and Nikos Vournias; Athens
2008: oud (string instrument used in Middle Eastern and Arabic music) with Iordanis  Foutsitzoglou, Vienna
2006: “Byzantine music and traditional Greek songs” with chanter Nikolaos Klentos; Athens
2001: Karate Shotokan, Athletic Union of Municipality of Byron; Athens
2001: Greek folk dances

Evgenia Stavropoulou is also writing poetry, short stories and fairy tales. She has sung in various choruses, among them the chorus of “Cultural Club Parnassos” in Athens and she is singing accompanied by a guitar and a bouzouki player (“Greak Brothers”) greek “rembetika”. Evgenia Stavropoulou is also drawing and painting and has attended drawing lessons with the painter Apostolos Petromihelakis. She has worked (and still working) in various fields and projects with children. Besides acting and storytelling she is a  puppet player and works also as a model for painters and drawers.

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