…as for the future

Theater of Fleeting Joy

2017 Greece 027

project 1: “et in Arcadia ego”

Stories from the ancestors
Fist realisation:
the production “Δέντρο”  (Tree)

shadows of the tree

2017, Shadowtheater and Narration, “Δέντρο” (Tree),  between  tale and reality, shadows and glimpses of stars, written and interpereted by Evgenia Stavropoulou, constructed by Stathis Markopoulos (Puppet Theater Ayusaya) and Evgenia Stavropoulou, Theater Ayusaya, Athens, Greece)


project 2: “AnaIs”

Who am I

who is she
Ana is


based on the diaries of Anais Nin

Ιουλιος 2009 032

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